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Hi there.

I’m a reporter at Bloomberg, where I write about how science is impacting the future of our health, our bodies and our culture.

Before that, I covered tech and biotech for Gizmodo, Fusion’s The Real Future and The San Francisco Chronicle. I have also been a Hearst Fellow, a founding editor and writer at the politics and culture magazine The Caravan in India, a contributing writer for Adweek and a New York City breaking news reporter.

Some of my all-time favorite feats of reporting include profiling the Internet’s biggest troll, putting the veracity of all those ancestry DNA tests to the test, following a biohacker on a quest to genetically engineer himself, and this random story about a landfill in Upstate New York.

I once held the title for Best Chili in Brooklyn. I’d share the recipe, but I lost it. Sorry.

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